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Name Assigned
Ubbes, Jean 30th ID    743rd Tank Bn
Ubich, Walter 35th ID   134th IR
Ubl, James 30th ID   
Ucac, Joseph   
Uchbar, Nichlos 30th ID   119th IR
Ucherek, Stephen 35th ID   
Ucitello, Arnold 30th ID   
Udder, Don 30th ID    105th Eng Bn
Ude, Dale 30th ID   
Udell, Robert 35th ID   134th IR
Uden, Elmer 30th ID    743rd Tank Bn
Udovic, John 30th ID    113rd FA Bn
Uebel, Clarence 8th ID   121st IR
Uessler, Carl   
Uffelmann, John 30th ID    118th FA Bn
Uffman, Milton   
Uganiza, Roger   
Ugelstadt, Harold 30th ID   120th IR
Ugolnik, Anthony 103rd ID   409th IR
Ugran, Vasile 1st ID   18th IR
Uhal, John 30th ID   117th IR
Uhler, Emil 1st ID   18th IR
Uhrich, George 103rd ID   409th IR
Uhring, Stephen 30th ID   120th IR
Uhrl, George   
Ujcich, Albert 30th ID   120th IR
Ujczo, Joseph 5th ID   10th IR
Ukasick, Lawrence 5th ID   11st IR
Ukrop, George 30th ID   
Uland, James 30th ID   119th IR
Ulanski, Leon 94th ID   302nd IR
Ulery, Dwight 30th ID   117th IR
Ulfino, Joseph 30th ID   
Uliano, Joseph 30th ID   120th IR
Ulibarri, Jose 30th ID    823rd TD Bn
Ullman, Murray 1st ID   18th IR
Ulman, John 35th ID   134th IR
Ulmer, Jack 35th ID   
Ulmer, James 30th ID    118th FA Bn
Ulmer, Kenneth 30th ID   
Ulrey, Lawrence 103rd ID   409th IR
Ulrich, Herbert 30th ID    743rd Tank Bn
Ulrich, Raymond 30th ID   120th IR
Umbarger, Lee 30th ID   117th IR
Umber, Clyde 30th ID    115th FA Bn
Umberger, Eugene 35th ID   134th IR
Umfleet, Donald 35th ID   134th IR
Umfleet, Elmo 35th ID   
Umholtz, Malcolm 35th ID   
Umland, John 35th ID   
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