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30th Infantry Division, World War II

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Name Assigned
La, Roque 30th ID    113rd FA Bn
Labadie, Harold 30th ID    113rd FA Bn
Labagh, James 30th ID   119th IR
Labecki, Eugene 30th ID   117th IR
Labelle, Frank 30th ID   120th IR
Labenz, William 30th ID   119th IR
Labier, Edward 30th ID   119th IR
Labrador, Gregorio 30th ID   119th IR
Labriola, Joseph 30th ID   117th IR
Labs, Walter 30th ID   
Labuda, Stephen 30th ID    113rd FA Bn
Labuy, William 30th ID   
Lacagnina, Anthony 30th ID   120th IR
Lacedonia, Mario 30th ID   119th IR
Lacefield, Lewis 30th ID   119th IR
Lacerda, Cruz 30th ID    823rd TD Bn
Lacey, Donald 30th ID   117th IR
Lacey, Richard 30th ID   120th IR
Lachapelle, Raymond 30th ID   
Lackey, Bowen 30th ID   118th IR
Lackey, Cletus 30th ID   119th IR
Lackey, Clyde 30th ID    113rd FA Bn
Lackey, Hugh 30th ID   117th IR
Lackey, Walter 30th ID    105th Eng Bn
Lackie, William 30th ID    115th FA Bn
Lackman, John 30th ID    105th Eng Bn
Laclear, Kenneth 30th ID   117th IR
Lacona, 30th ID   119th IR
Lacount, Edward 30th ID   119th IR
Lacy, Ellsworth 30th ID   117th IR
Lacy, Ralph 30th ID   
Lacy, Sam 30th ID   119th IR
Ladd, Frank 30th ID   120th IR
Ladd, Henry 30th ID   
Lader, Marvin 30th ID   120th IR
Ladin, Samuel 30th ID   
Ladne, Louis 30th ID    113rd FA Bn
Ladnier, Lawrence 30th ID   117th IR
Laduke, Edwin 30th ID   119th IR
Laemmerhirt, Louis 30th ID   120th IR
Laerm, Rolf 30th ID   120th IR
Lafavers, Lonnie 30th ID   119th IR
Lafayette, Ernest 30th ID   
Laferriere, Edgar 30th ID   119th IR
Lafever, Lou 30th ID   119th IR
Lafevers, John 30th ID    105th Eng Bn
Lafevers, Ned 30th ID    105th Eng Bn
Lafferty, Earle 30th ID    743rd Tank Bn
Lafferty, Hugh 30th ID    743rd Tank Bn
Laffitte, Charles 30th ID    118th FA Bn
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