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USH-Constitution (MM-1776), Mobile Museum

10/21/2023 - Grand Opening on Saturday 10/21.  If you would like to attend our grand opening and first public appearance of our new Mobile Museum, please Contact Us

9/20/2023 - Welcome to the launch of the new USH-Constitution (MM-1776), a unique mobile museum experience. This is brought to you by the Sons of Liberty Museum and our sister organization the Army Air Corps Library and Museum.   This is education on wheels where we take the museum field trip to the students and schools.  We also participate in veteran and civic events. Contact Us about your next event.  Each exhibit will offer a different theme highlighting an aspect of the collection.   We are offering sponsorships to pay for the school 'field trips' and honorariums; permanent name-plates for rememberance of a military veteran (friend or relative).


28 Feet of History

The USH-Constitution (MM-1776) is a 28 foot enclosed towed vehicle.  The sides are aligned with upper and lower custom cases that will contain all types of artifacts.  The 20 top row custom cases were designed specifically for military dress uniforms.  Our lower custom exhibit cases house artifacts to complete the museum experience. 


Name: USH-Constitution  (United States History)

Hull:  MM-1776   (Mobile Museum) 

Length: 28'   

Width: 8.5'

Height: 7.5'

Weight: 2 Tons

Axles: Dual

Heated & Air Conditioned

High Quality Museum Filtered Lighting

Powerplant:  Towed


1st Exhibit / Program

The first exhibit with the launch of USH-Constitution will contain flag officers of all branches of service.  Over 60 Generals and Admirals will be represented in this exhibit.  The theme of this first cruise of the MM-1776 will be that continued lifelong learning of STEM and History in related fields aids one in rising to the top of their career.   Learning never ceases, no matter your chosen profession.  Learn about these flag officers and their backgrounds even those with Texas connections.  All are patriots.

This program will run for many months.  The 2nd program will be on the Army Air Corps of World War II, no date is scheduled for this launch.

 Mobile Museum

 Mobile Museum

Memorial Tributes

We have multiple opportunities to honor a veteran.  Some museums offer bricks and pavers, others a listing on the skin of an aircraft.  We have the exterior of the USH-Constitution (MM-1776)!    These are permanent tributes that we offer in 3 different sizes.  This is your opportunity to honor a military veteran as we travel through the country honoring all those who served.  Depending upon the number of characters; items may be abbreviated and letter height adjusted.


This is a 2 1/2" x 22" name placard.  This is a 2 row display with the first line containing the name and the second a unit, conflict and branch.  The top row is approx. 1" tall and the 2nd line 3/4".

2 1/2"  x 22" - $750


This is a 2" x 36" name placard.  This is a 1 row display with the line containing the name, unit, conflict and branch.  The lettering is approximately 1 1/2" tall.


2" x 36" - $1375


This is a 5" x 36" name placard.  This is a 2 row display with the first line containing the name and the second a unit, conflict and branch.  The top row is approx. 2" tall and the 2nd line 1 1/2".

5" x 36" - $2000



We are offering sponsorships for individuals, organizations and companies.   These sponsorships support construction, fixtures, travel, maintenance of the mobile museum and scholarship for schools paying for their 'field trip'.  Sponsorships begin at $5000.   Field trips are currently limited to the North Texas area, please contact us before considering a 'field-trip' sponsorship.

General Sponsors - $5000 minimum


General Donations

Donations as small as $5 are welcome for the general fund and support a variety of projects.

General Fund Donations - $5 minimum


 Mobile Museum

 Mobile Museum

For your honorarium on the museum, mobile (MM-1776):  Because of size constraints we do have to limit the characters on each plan;  We will provide you with how the honorarium will look before we send the material to our printer.  The Sons of Liberty Museum reserves the right to only place on the honorarium what we see fit and proper.   We can and will assist with what you put on the honorarium.  For example, if you do not know the unit served but you know the branch and conflict your honorarium might look like:

Private First Class John Doe

US Army, Infantry, World War II

Contact  us with any questions!



Do you have items such as papers, photos, uniforms, gear, guns, weapons and other artifacts? Read more and Support Us.

Honor Roll

If you have any data and roster info on units and those who served we would be interested in adding it to our digital project-library; please Contact Us


Help us with transcribing data. Unit histories, personnel rosters, award documents. Want to help? Contact Us