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MACV SOG Vietnam Missing in Action

There are 23 soldiers of the MACV SOG Vietnam still listed as missing in action.

Staff Sergeant Harold G. Bennett Headquarters 12/29/1964
Captain Richard L. Bowers Advisory Team 71 03/24/1969
Lieutenant Colonel John G. Boyanowski Headquarters 12/14/1971
Colonel Robert W. Brownlee Advisory Team 22 04/24/1972
Major George W. Carter Advisory Team 22 04/24/1972
Staff Sergeant Robert L. Curlee Headquarters 06/10/1965
Sergeant First Class Leroy M. Donovan Headquarters 05/19/1965
First Lieutenant Orie J. Dubbeld Advisory Team 21 03/03/1971
Sergeant First Class James E. Duncan Advisory Team 21 03/03/1971
Captain William F. Eisenbraun Headquarters 07/05/1965
Captain Gregg N. Hollinger Headquarters 12/14/1971
Lieutenant Colonel Bruce G. Johnson Headquarters 06/10/1965
Major John W. Lafayette Headquarters 04/06/1966
Master Sergeant Howard B. Lull Advisory Team 70 04/07/1972
Sergeant First Class James H. McLean Headquarters 02/09/1965
Major William J. Morgan Headquarters 02/25/1972
Sergeant First Class Fred M. Owens Headquarters 06/10/1965
Sergeant First Class Joe Parks Headquarters 12/22/1964
Master Sergeant James Salley Advisory Team 22 03/31/1971
Major John R. Schumann Headquarters 06/16/1965
Captain Gary B. Scull Advisory Team 3 03/12/1970
Staff Sergeant Leonard M. Tadios Headquarters 12/11/1964
Major Orien J. Walker Headquarters 05/23/1965

MACV SOG Vietnam Recovered Missing in Action

There are 12 soldiers of the MACV SOG Vietnam that have been identified and recovered.

Sergeant First Class Gerasimo Arroyo-Baez Advisory Team 71 Missing: 03/24/1969, Recovered: 3/20/1985
Captain Ronald D. Briggs Advisory Team 4 Missing: 02/06/1969, Recovered: 8/27/1996
Sergeant First Class Elbert W. Bush Headquarters Missing: 01/08/1973, Recovered: 8/27/1996
Major William L. Deane Headquarters Missing: 01/08/1973, Recovered: 8/27/1996
Lieutenant Colonel Glenn D. McElroy Headquarters Missing: 03/16/1966, Recovered: 11/18/2008
Lieutenant Colonel Donald E. Parsons Advisory Team 4 Missing: 02/06/1969, Recovered: 8/27/1996
Lieutenant Colonel Richard S. Schott Advisory Team 70 Missing: 04/07/1972, Recovered: 7/10/2001
Lieutenant Colonel Winfield W. Sisson Headquarters Battalion Missing: 10/18/1965, Recovered: 4/8/1993
Major Larry A. Thorne Headquarters Missing: 10/18/1965, Recovered: 3/15/2002
Major Samuel K. Toomey Headquarters Missing: 11/30/1968, Recovered: 3/26/1989
Staff Sergeant Tim L. Walters Headquarters Missing: 03/09/1969, Recovered: 2/16/1999
Captain Kenneth J. Yonan Advisory Team 22 Missing: 04/24/1972, Recovered: 4/6/1988

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