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X-09077 Buried Unknown

The following information pertains to an unknown serviceman whose remains have been located and interred at a American Battle Monuments Cemetery or National Cemetery.

File: X-09077
Burial Location: Normandy
Plot: B
Row: 8
Grave: 19

Location: Lon. Lat.
Bennwihr,Colmar,Haut-Rhin, France

At Sea Loss:

Approx Date(s) Death: 12/05/1944 - 02/06/1944
Remains: dental prosthesis, age 26-40 many frac.missing or burned, tooth chart partial
Dental Chart Available: Yes
Estimated Height: 5'4
Branch of Service: Ground

Location Mgrs:
5-6 Dec 1944
AGRS Unit:

Burial: Liege
Row/Plot Grave: # 78, Liege Maus

Units in Area:

This research material on unidentified soldiers has been generated and compiled by the MIA Recovery Network and published in partnership with the Sons of Liberty Museum. This material is available so that independent historians and researchers can use this information in their studies. If you can contribute more material to this file, please CONTACT US.

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