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83rd Infantry Division



83rd ID insignia patch 83rd Infantry Division

83rd ID insignia patch

83rd Infantry Division World War II Missing in Action

There are 28 soldiers of the 83rd Infantry Division World War II still listed as missing in action.

Corporal John J. Barabas 330th Infantry Regiment 12/13/1945
Sergeant Cecil Barker 331st Infantry Regiment 12/19/1944
Technical Sergeant Thomas C. Barnes 330th Infantry Regiment 10/11/1944
Staff Sergeant Walter E. Blair 330th Infantry Regiment 12/09/1944
Private First Class David M. Cardon 329th Infantry Regiment 11/30/1945
Private First Class David H. Cliburn 330th Infantry Regiment 07/26/1944
First Lieutenant Barton W. Core 330th Infantry Regiment 07/25/1945
Corporal Lloyd J. Denning 330th Infantry Regiment 07/05/1945
Private David A. Fortney 329th Infantry Regiment 10/24/1944
Private First Class Stanley Geleta 329th Infantry Regiment 08/12/1945
Technical Sergeant Kenneth E. Glassman 330th Infantry Regiment 12/06/1944
Sergeant Mayburn L. Hudson 330th Infantry Regiment 08/07/1944
Private First Class Earl F. Jenkins 330th Infantry Regiment 07/11/1944
Private First Class John V. Kafka 330th Infantry Regiment 12/09/1944
Technical Sergeant Frank P. La Bella 330th Infantry Regiment 07/23/1945
Private First Class James W. Lawrence 330th Infantry Regiment 07/04/1944
Private First Class Walter R. Lehman 331st Infantry Regiment 12/14/1944
Private First Class Bartholome Loschiavo 329th Infantry Regiment 10/01/1944
Technical Sergeant Robert C. Luckner 329th Infantry Regiment 07/13/1944
Private First Class Sam Luster 330th Infantry Regiment 12/06/1944
Private Jerry W. Navarre 331st Infantry Regiment 03/31/1945
Private First Class Edward W. Niksa 330th Infantry Regiment 07/10/1945
Private Henry W. Saaga 330th Infantry Regiment 07/02/1945
Private First Class Peter P. Sadoski 330th Infantry Regiment 07/05/1945
Private Dorsey R. Simmons 330th Infantry Regiment 08/12/1945
Technician Fifth Grade Robert L. Stevenson 331st Infantry Regiment 04/06/1945
Sergeant Bernard J. Sweeney 330th Infantry Regiment 12/16/1944
Sergeant Charlie A. White 331st Infantry Regiment 08/09/1945





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