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102nd Infantry Division


 102nd Infantry Division

102nd Infantry Division World War II Missing in Action

There are 37 soldiers of the 102nd Infantry Division World War II still listed as missing in action.

Staff Sergeant John D. Adair 405th Infantry Regiment 11/25/1945
Private Byron M. Allison 405th Infantry Regiment 02/26/1945
Private First Class Arthur C. Bamm 405th Infantry Regiment 11/23/1944
Private Jesse L. Barnes 407th Infantry Regiment 12/17/1944
Private First Class Robert L. Barnett 405th Infantry Regiment 03/01/1945
Private First Class Martin L. Birek 406th Infantry Regiment 11/21/1944
Private Nick Botsis 406th Infantry Regiment 04/27/1946
Private First Class Donald R. Centen 407th Infantry Regiment 02/08/1945
Private Charlie Davidian 407th Infantry Regiment 11/30/1945
Private Roy B. Etzin 327th Engineer Combat Battalion 12/13/1944
Private Rudie R. Garza 406th Infantry Regiment 11/25/1945
Second Lieutenant Donald D. Gill 407th Infantry Regiment 03/20/1945
Private Daniel H. Green 327th Engineer Combat Battalion 12/12/1944
Staff Sergeant Julius D. Grier 407th Infantry Regiment 12/01/1945
Private First Class Preston Harris 405th Infantry Regiment 11/22/1944
Private Myron G. Josh 405th Infantry Regiment 06/07/1946
Private First Class Isidor Kline 407th Infantry Regiment 12/17/1944
Captain Boles S. Knapik 405th Infantry Regiment 11/22/1944
Sergeant Harry E. Lance 406th Infantry Regiment 04/26/1945
Sergeant James P. Leahy 327th Engineer Combat Battalion 03/17/1945
Private Eugene A. Lockwood 407th Infantry Regiment 12/01/1944
Private First Class Alfred S. Martinez 407th Infantry Regiment 12/09/1944
Private First Class Woodrow H. Mason 407th Infantry Regiment 10/31/1944
Second Lieutenant John E. May 407th Infantry Regiment 12/17/1944
Sergeant Marvin B. McKie 405th Infantry Regiment 02/26/1945
Second Lieutenant John T. Mulder 405th Infantry Regiment 11/25/1945
Private Earl R. Philbrick 407th Infantry Regiment 12/12/1944
Private Edward A. Reinehr 406th Infantry Regiment 11/20/1944
Private Herbert Rivera 405th Infantry Regiment 02/23/1945
Private First Class Robert C. Schapka 407th Infantry Regiment 11/30/1944
Private First Class Jesus A. Tavarez 405th Infantry Regiment 02/23/1945
First Lieutenant Jack Tomlin 406th Infantry Regiment 01/27/1945
Private First Class Walter Traudt 406th Infantry Regiment 11/21/1944
Private First Class Thomas F. White 405th Infantry Regiment 02/23/1945
Private Harry W. Wingate 405th Infantry Regiment 02/23/1945
Private First Class Melvin E. Wittenberg 405th Infantry Regiment 02/25/1945
Technician Fourth Grade Joe R. Ybarra 405th Infantry Regiment 02/23/1945





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