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There still remain many large numbers of citizen soldiers from various conflicts classified as missing in action. The Sons of Liberty Museum is publishing the following ongoing research from the MIA Recovery Network in the hopes that more and previously unknown information may be made available enabling more of those who sacrificed to be fully accounted and recognized.

As of its launching, announced December 7, 2017, this material accounted for approximately 25% of the MIAs that still remain from World War II. Search through records of Army (including Paratrooper and Armored Divisions), Navy, Marine and Coast Guard MIAs. Members of Army Air Forces units are found on our sister organization's website: Army Air Corps Museum. If you have any information that would assist researchers for any of these cases, please contact us. If you are a family member, we would be honored to receive service photos and other material about your ancestor.

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Uccello, Salvatore - 01/26/1944 - 83rd Chemical Battalion
Udovic, John - 06/15/1944 - 113th Field Artillery Battalion 30th Infantry Division
Udziela, Edward - 02/15/1943 - 1st Regiment 1st Armored Division
Uecker, Vincent - 09/11/1943 -
Umbach, Frederick - 06/10/1945 -
Umbaugh, John - 01/31/1944 - 6th Infantry Battalion 1st Armored Division
Underhill, Thomas - 04/20/1944 - Medical Department
Underwood, Arthur - 02/17/1944 - 39th Infantry Regiment 9th Infantry Division
Underwood, Columbus - 01/16/1945 - 315th Infantry Regiment 79th Infantry Division
Underwood, Robert - 05/08/1944 - 168th Infantry Regiment 34th Infantry Division
Underwood, Wilburn - 09/10/1944 - 23rd Infantry Battalion 7th Armored Division
Unger, Clarence - 02/22/1944 -
Unger, Edward - 04/28/1944 - 24th Amphibious Truck Battalion
Unser, Arthur - 07/11/1944 -
Uptergrove, Rubbert - 06/09/1944 - 41st Infantry Battalion 2nd Armored Division
Urban, Henry - 03/26/1945 - 750th Tank Battalion
Urbanovich, Alphonse - 08/03/1944 - 704th Tank Destroyer Battalion
Urinich, Rudolph - 12/28/1943 - 39th Infantry Regiment 9th Infantry Division
Urso, Nathaniel - 01/26/1944 - 83rd Chemical Battalion
Usher, Thomas - 10/10/1944 -
Uskoski, William - 08/11/1945 - 737th Tank Battalion
Utecht, Willis - 10/02/1944 - 325th Glider Infantry Regiment 82nd Airborne Division
Utz, Lawrence - 08/02/1944 -
Uvino, Louis - 11/27/1943 - Infantry
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