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104th Infantry Division



104th ID Insignia Patch 104th Infantry Division

104th ID Insignia Patch

Missing in Action

Private First Class Guadalupe A. Alaniz 329th Medical Battalion 11/03/1944

Private William G. Axton 413th Infantry Regiment 12/02/1945

Private First Class Victor P. Corsini 414th Infantry Regiment 12/11/1944

Private First Class Jack P. Cottone 413th Infantry Regiment 02/27/1945

Technician Fourth Grade Floyd R. Crosby 804th Ordnance Company 10/29/1944

Private First Class Harry W. Durant 413th Infantry Regiment 02/25/1945

Corporal Roy F. Halbrook 414th Infantry Regiment 11/17/1944

Private First Class Charles Harlen 415th Infantry Regiment 11/17/1944

Private First Class Reyes Herrera 414th Infantry Regiment 11/20/1945

Private Albert C. Hickey 415th Infantry Regiment 02/24/1946

Private First Class Michael C. Hornyak 415th Infantry Regiment 11/11/1944

Private First Class Charles G. Juday 414th Infantry Regiment 11/08/1945

Staff Sergeant Stanley A. Kroll 414th Infantry Regiment 11/06/1944

Private William M. Mayfield 414th Infantry Regiment 02/06/1946

Corporal Herbert A. Meyring 329th Engineer Combat Battalion 02/23/1945

Private First Class Carlos Millan 413th Infantry Regiment 02/26/1945

Corporal William R. Reese 385th Field Artillery Battalion 11/13/1944

Private First Class Ernest R. Roberson 413th Infantry Regiment 03/21/1945

Staff Sergeant Herbert H. Thomas 413th Infantry Regiment 11/04/1944


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